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How can I practice - when many of the public facilities are closed?

Updated: May 24, 2020

Has your local shooting range closed or vastly restricted access due to the Covid-19 "Corona Virus"? Well... there's more that you can do than just saying "oh well" and staring out at the lake. There are dozens of ways to safely practice your firearm skills - without ammunition. In most cases, you should use a "snap cap" which cushions the firing pin impact and prevents firing pin damage. They're available by caliber and shotgun gauge from various online retailers.

Laser Training:

Also available online are laser "cartridges" which emit a brief pulse of red light to show where your "shot" lands. Some interface with Laser Training aids, which will record your "shots" just as-if you were 'punching paper' with your firearm. An example is the Cheap Shot.


One of the most comprehensive trainers doesn't use a laser at all. The Mantis-X system will manage several features of your handgun or rifle firing sequence, and display them via an App to your smartphone or tablet.

Happy "Shooting!"

There’s so much you can do while on "lock-down"... and you're saving scarce ammunition!

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