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Women's Handgun & Self-Defense Fundamentals

November 2020 Class: 100% of Anonymous Student Surveys selected: "Exceptional Quality Training" Survey comments: "Knowledgeable and personable instructors and a great bunch of ladies in class. Can’t wait to buy my new gun." "Loved the small class size and individualized attention." "Very informative and fun!" "I would have liked the class to be longer." "Sixteen hours would be better, providing more question and answer opportunities as we explore topics, and experiences that are new to us." "Five stars!" "I finally know what I'm looking for in a handgun." "Your instructors are very informative, very entertaining, and very helpful. I will definitely seek to continue my training." "Keep me informed of new courses. Can you offer some in Vermont?"

We're happy that you're happy! Taking the course duration comments into consideration, the April 2021 course will be two full days ~ 16 hours. For experienced shooters, capable and confident with their own firearm, this may be excessive. We will endeavor to keep you fulfilled. For the novice, the inexperienced, or the minimally experienced, the ability to question, try, question, and then retry, will result in a fuller understanding of the course materials. As to the last comment: We are seeking a South/Central Vermont Firearms Range or Rod & Gun Club to act as host. Stay tuned.

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